Welcome to the Nurses for Nurses Network

The Nurses for Nurses Network combines great education with a fabulous travel adventure. We have taken a holistic approach to Nursing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to ensure you get the most out of your education-travel experience.

We have a great list of CPD travel events for you to explore. We update our CPD travel events regularly, so sign up for our newsletters to make sure you’re the first to know – Look forward to meeting you on a CPD adventure soon.

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If you are looking for CPD provided by experts in their field and the opportunity to combine that with interesting and varied locations, then you are in the right place. 

At Sea Events

No matter what conference you attend you always need accommodation a cruise ship provides a great accommodation option to enhance your Conference experience.

On Land Events

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Travel is a fantastic way to combine an exceptional education program while you explore a fabulous travel destination.