The excitement of organising your trip and finally getting there is a wonderful feeling.
Here are the top 10 travel hacks to make your journey even better.

Number 1

Always travel with a pashmina or large scarf in your carryon – you can use it as a blanket when you are cold or pull it up over your eyes to block out the light when you are trying to catch a nap. 

Number 2

Wear your heaviest shoes on the plane and your coat this will free up space in your suitcase and give you a few extra kilos to play with. Even if you leave on the hottest day of the year take your coat with you – it can double as a pillow if you need it.

Number 3

Store your power cords in a glasses case in your carry on bag – you don’t have a tangled mess and they are easy to find.

Number 4

Always travel with a toothbrush, small toothpaste, moisturiser, and face wipes – on a long flight these will make you feel fresh and human.

Number 5

You cannot use a debit card on some flights to purchase food or drinks – make sure you also have a credit card with you.

Number 6

Always have tissues with you – you’d be surprised how many toilets don’t have toilet paper available.

Number 7

Travel with two credit cards – that way if one doesn’t work you still have another up your sleeve.

Number 8

Carry your passport separate to your purse/wallet. That way if your purse or wallet goes missing you still have your passport.

Number 9

Always stash a couple of pairs of clean knickers in your carry on in case of delays or accidents (not incontinence more a drinks spill!)

Number 10

Smile and be nice if adversity arrises. People will always try and help you if you ask them to – whether that be the ticketing counter or the flight attendant.