If you have access to money and a passport when you travel no matter what goes wrong you can always take care of yourself.

Have a printed copy of your passport with you in a separate pocket in your handbag.

Take a photo of your passport and keep it on your mobile phone.

Take a photo of all your credit cards and keep it on your mobile phone.

Contact your bank/s know that you are travelling outside of the country.

Have the international contact details of your bank saved in your phone.

Carry at least two cards from different banks to access your money – keep one with you and the other in the ship/hotel safe to access if you lose one.

Always carry some spare cash separate to your wallet eg the inside pocket of your handbag or carryon.

Don’t flash the cash – have a small purse and keep a few notes within easy reach – especially if you are visiting markets.

Know the exchange rate for the places you will be visiting.

Keep your carry bag draped across your body and in front of you.