The Nurses for Nurses Network combines great education with fabulous travel adventures. We have taken a holistic approach to Nursing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to ensure you get the most out of your education-travel experience.

The Nurses for Nurses Network was established by two Australian Nurses, Cheryl Dezotti and Sue Walker, initially to provide a dedicated online CPD education platform which is now known as the Nursing CPD Institute. We believe that the knowledge and skills of an individual Nurse has a huge impact on the success of a patient’s experience in the healthcare system.

Based on what other health care professions had been doing for decades, we then decided to provide Nurses with the same opportunity and hold Nursing Conferences in some great and interesting locations, both in Australia and overseas, with the same exacting education standards that are currently available in the online CPD platform.

Nurses caught on quickly to the idea of combining education and travel, so after 5 years and 70+ education events, we have created a dedicated Travel CPD site for Nurses which remains the Nurses for Nurses Network.

The education content for our CPD Travel Conferences is supported by the same Education Code of Conduct and Education Governance Committee as the Nursing CPD Institute’s online CPD Platform. To find out more information click here>>

The Nursing CPD Institute is an economical, one-stop CPD solution providing an extensive CPD library, an Evidence Portfolio to house all your CPD certificates, an informative and interesting Nursing News Blog, and so much more. Make sure you visit our Sister site. Click here to visit them>>


For those Conferences that are held on a cruise ship we partner with the fabulous team from Education at Sea.  Education at Sea is an Australian business founded by experienced Nurses who wanted to offer a better alternative for CPD education for their fellow Nurses.


Meet the Team


R.N. Bach Nursing (Admin), M.P.H.C. (Palliative Care)

Nurse Education Specialist
Education Governance Committee Member

Dr Pam

R.N., Dip N (Lon), BA, MHPEd, Dip Law, EdDoc

Nurse Education Specialist
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Clinical Nurse Educator
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Geoffrey Atwell

Business Development


Events Marketing and Sales

look what others have said…

To experience first hand the contrast of primary health in PNG with our own system was truly eye opening and inspirational. The organization and presentations were more than what I expected and the vast knowledge and experience of the nurses on board will definitely enhance my own delivery of care in every situation in the future. 

Helen R.

Key Concepts of Public Health and Tropical Medicine | Papua New Guinea

Great opportunity to update nursing knowledge and earn CPD points whilst discovering new places in the world and interacting with other nursing professionals from around Australia.


Contentment or Mediocrity: The Nurse's Role in Enhancing Quality of Life | The Mediterranean

The whole trip was unreal, there were so many highlights. Visiting the transgender hospital at Yanhee Hospital, Bumrungrad International Hospital. They were so many aspects to the 3 different Hospitals. Plus the shopping , Most of all the Elephants, The River Kwai,lastly the Farewell Dinner, Rang Mahal on the terrace at Rang Mahal , the view was FABULOUS no other words can explain the views. Also the Thai Food.


Medical Tourism Study Tour | Bangkok

What we have done is marry the delivery of Best Practice Nursing education with the ability to experience stunning destinations and interesting cultures throughout Australia and the world.

Our goal is to make sure you get an exceptional education program, combined with a fabulous holiday escape, that you can also share with family and friends if you choose.

Nurses spend their lives looking after others take this time to rest, relax, and indulge in some self-care.

What a fabulous way to enhance your Nursing knowledge and meet your Continuing Professional Development annual registration requirements.

This is what CPD without limits looks like!