Mental Health First Aid for the Suicidal Person Course for Nurses and other Health Professionals

20 March 2019 | Gold Coast

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Mental Health First Aid – Suicide

Mental illness is common in our society with one in five adults experiencing a mental illness in any one year. Half the people who experience mental illness will not seek treatment and delayed treatment will adversely affect the success of any clinical intervention.

These numbers would indicate that acute hospitals, aged care services, and medical practices would have clients presenting with mental illness that require support and diagnosis – but a large number of these services do not employ mental health trained staff.

Do you know the Mental Health First Aid steps to assist a suicidal person? 

The course curriculum is evidence-based, as informed by the Mental Health First Aid Australia Guidelines.

Mental Health First Aid for the Suicidal Person Course for Nurses and other Health Professionals | The Gold Coast

4 CPD Hours 20 Mar, 2019

In the 4-hour Mental Health First Aid for the Suicidal Person course, you will learn the skills and acquire the knowledge required to safely have a conversation with a suicidal person. This course is based on guidelines developed through the expert consensus of people with lived experience of mental health problems and professionals.

There will also be a number of staff in the workplace who will also experience a mental illness in the next 12 months and your service will need to have the resources to identify those that may need support and ongoing assistance.

In the workplace Mental Health First Aid works the same as physical first aid – most organisations are training a number of key personnel to become Workplace Mental Health First Aiders who can identify, support, and assist their clients and colleagues during initial diagnosis and in times of crises.

Mental ill health costs Australian workplaces $4.7 billion in absenteeism, $1.6 billion in presenteeism and $146 million in compensation claims per year. Ignoring mental health makes no business sense.

The course curriculum is evidence-based, as informed by the Mental Health First Aid Australia Guidelines.

What the Course Covers:

At the completion of the course, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to safely have a conversation with a suicidal person. This is not a postvention course and is not recommended for individuals recently bereaved by suicide.

The MHFA for the Suicidal Person course is not a therapy or a support group and it is important that people undertaking the course are feeling relatively robust when they undertake it. Specific postvention support services can be found at the Beyond Blue website.

Course Cover Learning Outcomes

In this session you will learn:

  • How to identify warning signs for suicide
  • How to confidently support a person in crisis
  • How to help the person stay safe
  • How to connect someone to appropriate professional help


The Governance oversight for the content of this Education program and the issuing of the associated CPD Certificate is provided by the Education Governance Committee of the Nursing CPD Institute (NCI). The NCI is committed to providing high quality, clinically relevant education for Nurses. They believe that the knowledge and skills of an individual Nurse has a huge impact on the success of a patient’s experience in the healthcare system and provide a range of education content to do just that. The education sessions are provided by and in consultation with subject experts with proven experience in their field of speciality.

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WEDNESDAY, 20 MARCH 2019 | 0830 - 1330

0830- 0900: Seminar Registration

0900 – 1100: Impact of suicide in our society, Warning signs for suicide and how to confidently support the person in crisis

1100 – 1130: Break

1130 – 1330: Continuation of strategies that you can employ to support the person and helping the person stay safe

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Sue Walker is a Director and co-founder of the Nurses for Nurses Network and the Nursing CPD Institute. As a Nurse Education Consultant Sue is a member of the Education Governance Committee of the Institute as well as a key contributor to the online education platform Continuing Professional Development library.

As a Registered Nurse Sue holds Degrees in Nursing and Health Administration, a Master’s Degree in Primary Health Care majoring in Palliative Care, as well as a number of certificate courses in Psychiatry of Ageing, Gerontology, Chemotherapy Administration, Training and Assessment, and is also an Accredited Mental Health First Aid Trainer.


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See what other mental health first aid attendees have said…

It was very well presented. The content was clear and concise. I work with a nursing agency and I go to different hospitals and nursing homes. This certificate will be of great assistance to me because I meet all sorts of clients in my travels.

The in-depth information on each area of the mental health issues covered in this course will now enable me to recognize someone who is in need of help and the best way to assist.

My overall response to this course is of very high opinions. I didn’t even know that Mental Health First Aid existed and am very impressed and excited to integrate it and be able to possibly help people I may come across who may be struggling with an illness that others may not recognise effectively.

Costs & Inclusions

  • Course participants receive a copy of MHFA Information to keep and a Certificate of Completion as evidence of their continuing CPD requirements.
  • An education program based on current best practice information
  • A Presenter that is recognised as an expert in their field and is excited to be able to share their skill, knowledge, and passion with program Attendees
  • A satchel that includes a notepad, pen, lanyard, and additional information to support a fantastic education experience
  • A lovely morning tea,
  • A Certificate of Completion issued by Mental Health First Aide Australia for you to include in your CPD Evidence Portfolio
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• Any errors or omissions in the content;
• Any inaccuracy in the information or data on which the content is based or which are contained in presentations; or
• Any interpretations or opinions stated in, or which may be inferred from, the content

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