Towards Equilibrium: Optimising Wellness in Healthcare Workers

The South Pacific | April 2019

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Towards Equilibrium: Optimising Wellness in Healthcare Workers

This interactive Conference invites attendees to reflect on four key themes that will introduce them to a number of strategies to enhance their own wellness and performance. At the end of this Conference, attendees will have a personal toolkit containing strategies that they can use to enhance their professional and personal life.

Towards Equilibrium: Optimising Wellness in Healthcare Workers

24 CPD Hours 9 Apr to 17 Apr, 2019

We have partnered with Education at Sea to present this interactive Conference which invites attendees to reflect on four key themes that will introduce them to a number of strategies to enhance their own wellness and performance. At the end of this Conference, attendees will have a personal toolkit containing strategies that they can use to enhance their professional and personal life.

Wellness matters, not just in its own right, but because it affects performance. As clinicians, we have the following expectations within our workplace:

“We expect that our work day is going to consist of a series of interactions that are geared towards the goal of achieving the best care for our patients. We expect that we will do this by working together, each to our own strengths, and within our own role until we get the patient what they need and to where they need to go.”

“We expect that we will be respected for our knowledge, our skill and our experience. We expect that we will be supported should we run into trouble – if there is a gap in our knowledge, or if we need assistance with a procedure, or if there is a process or system issue with which we are not familiar. We expect that we will be given feedback that is constructive and useful, in order that we may enhance and improve our skills, individually and collectively.”

However, the complexities of healthcare organisations, our workloads, targets and other factors can challenge these expectations and erode our wellness, resulting in stress, burnout, and mental illness.

Four themes will be examined in this Conference:

1. The Landscape of Clinician Wellness – where we explore Wellness within the health profession

2. The Science of Wellness – under this theme the Anatomy of Mental Wellbeing is investigated. We will discover the concept of Legitimising the Wellness Agenda – how wellness affects our performance, individually and collectively.

Four themes will be examined in this Conference:

3. Equipping the Wellness Toolbox – which is an introductory mindfulness workshop –  in this experiential workshop, we explore the practice of mindfulness, including brief, low-intensity practices that are embeddable in the healthcare workplace. We also investigate the concept of work/life balance – this is an interactive workshop delving into the tools for “recharging batteries”, based on our own strengths and interests

4. Translating Ideas into Action – From Individual to Team Wellness. Under this theme, we explore how to take what has been learnt and implement actions in local workplaces.

Creative Corner

In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the “Creative Corner” if they choose, where the use of art for wellness will be introduced and delegates will be invited to commence work on a creative project. Over four sessions, the Creative Corner will involve the symbolism of the tree, and how our own ability to grow and thrive is dependent on many things – support, strength, nurturing, space to grow, resilience, and the ability to withstand the “storms”.


The program content is provided by expert Nurse Educators with extensive clinical and education experience. The education content provided in this program meets the same exacting standards as anything offered in an Australian land-based program.

No matter what conference you attend you always need accommodation a cruise ship provides a great all-inclusive* accommodation option to enhance your Conference experience.

The Nurses for Nurses Network combines great education with fabulous travel adventures. We have taken a holistic approach to Nursing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to ensure you get the most out of your education-travel experience.

Below is a snapshot of the Conference Program, the full Program can be found further down this page.


Make sure you are up on deck to be a part of the “setting sail” festivities as we say farewell to Sydney.

Evening: Enjoy this opportunity to mingle with the other attendees at the complimentary drinks and Conference Registration function.

DAY 2 - 10 APRIL 2019 | AT SEA

A full day of CPD sessions focused on the wellness of Nurses and equipping them with the tools to be able to “recharge their batteries”.

DAY 3 - 11 APRIL 2019 | AT SEA

A full day of CPD sessions focused on the wellness of Nurses and equipping them with the tools to be able to “recharge their batteries”.


Explore this beautiful port of call at your leisure.

New Caledonia is home to the world’s largest lagoon, spectacular reefs, beaches, mountains and more. The casual-chic capital of Noumea blends Melanesian tradition, Asian-Pacific influences and French style in a stunning hillside setting.

Evening: Meet with the Conference Conveners, Presenters and other delegates to reflect on the events of the day and discuss Nursing issues surrounding the wellness within healthcare workers.


Enjoy a leisurely day on the gorgeous Mystery Island.

Uninhabited Mystery Island is a tiny islet at the southernmost end of the Vanuatu archipelago, less than a kilometre from Aneityum Island. White sands fringed with palm trees and crystal-clear seas make it an idyllic beach getaway.

Conference Evening Session – Trivia Night | Venue: TBA
Come and join us and test your knowledge of maintaining a work/life balance in a friendly and collegial environment.

DAY 6 - 14 APRIL 2019 | AT SEA

A full day of reflection and renewal. Take the time to put into practice the lessons you learnt about self-reflection, mindfulness and recharging your batteries while you enjoy networking with your peers.

DAY 7 - 15 APRIL 2019 | AT SEA

A full day of CPD sessions focused on the wellness of Nurses and equipping them with the tools to be able to “recharge their batteries”.

DAY 8 - 16 APRIL 2019 | AT SEA

A full day of CPD sessions focused on the wellness of Nurses and equipping them with the tools to be able to “recharge their batteries”.

Evening: Take this opportunity to enjoy a complimentary Drinks and Canapes function as the conference draws to a close and we say farewell to new friends and colleagues – safe travels home.


Disembark in Sydney – Safe travels!

Conference Education Governance

The Governance oversight for the content of this Conference program and the issuing of the associated CPD Certificate is provided by the Education Governance Committee of the Nursing CPD Institute (NCI). The NCI is committed to providing high quality, clinically relevant education for Nurses. They believe that the knowledge and skills of an individual Nurse has a huge impact on the success of a patient’s experience in the healthcare system and provide a range of education content to do just that. The education sessions are provided by and in consultation with subject experts with proven experience in their field of speciality.

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Ovation of the Seas

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Dining Options

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This ship really shook up recreation on the ocean waves with a number of first-at-sea innovations, the largest of which is SeaPlex. The largest sports complex at sea is a huge, versatile area that offers a non-stop program of fun and games for all ages. The heart of SeaPlex is the arena; depending on the time of day, it undergoes a metamorphosis from a basketball court into a roller-skating rink and, most novel of all, a bumper-car circuit. For passengers who want to fly through the air with the greatest of ease, there is also a circus school with trapeze classes held over an air-filled mat.

Rest and Relax

for those of you who would like to take it a little easier and treat your self to some much-need relaxation, then the Vitality Spa is the place for you.


Shahina Braganza, MBBS (Hons), BMedSci, FACEM

Shahina Braganza is a senior emergency physician in Queensland, Australia. She has previously also been a Director of Clinical Training, supporting hospital-wide prevocational doctors.

She is passionate about “non-technical” skills in medicine and has a particular interest in professionalism, communication and emotional situational awareness. Her work will be done when such skills and attributes are no longer considered optional extras, but as core qualities demanded by the healthcare profession.

She also has a keen interest in wellbeing, resilience and balance. She is outspoken about sharing stories of vulnerability, imperfection and courage.


Chris Stapelberg, BSc (Hons), MBBS, FRANZCP

Chris Stapelberg is the Professor for Mental Health at Bond University and the Gold Coast University Hospital in Queensland, Australia. He is a medical doctor and senior staff specialist in psychiatry, working at the Gold Coast University Hospital as a psychiatrist. Chris is the Mental Health and Specialist Services Director of Research at the Gold Coast University Hospital.

Chris has been researching stress and major depression since 2009. He has undertaken work mapping the network of physiological pathways in stress and depression, using a systems biology framework. He is also studying biomarkers in the context of stress and major depression. He completed his PhD studying the impact of depression on heart rate variability in people with, and without, coronary heart disease. He is the principal investigator, or a co-investigator, on a number of research projects in this area.chris

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Helen Mason, Artist, BA Social Science

Helen has been working within the mental health setting for over 20 years providing creative activities as a tool for dealing with complex emotions and as a means of self-expression. Her programs promote self-worth through meaningful activity, learning new skills and building on existing ones.

Helen works with many individuals in various stages of mental wellness, currently employed as the Creative Artisan for Gold Coast University Hospital Mental Health Recovery Services, providing her programs in conjunction with the client’s medical treatment.

Creative Art is well known for its therapeutic benefits which include reducing anxiety, promoting a sense of peace, improved concentration, increased sense of meaning and self-worth. Helen designs specific programs which are aimed at providing an enjoyable, calming experience which can distract from negative thoughts and emotions. 

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Stuart Mason, BA Nursing, CMHN, RN

Stuart has been nursing in psychiatry for over 25 years, working in many areas of the public and private sector throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Stuart has held positions from ‘hands-on’ clinician to senior management. Stuart is an international speaker with his special interest areas in Acute Mental Health, Psychiatric Assessment, Drug and Alcohol (dual diagnosis), Medications in Mental Health and Physical and Mental Health impacts.

Currently, Stuart is working in the public health system. In this setting, he manages a mental health specialty program providing mental health services to the medical units of a large Queensland University Hospital.

Since 2010, Stuart has developed his private practice – Stuart Mason Mental Health Consultancy – providing education and mental health promotion to professional, non-government agencies, family and caregivers, as well as many other members of the community and community organisations.

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CONFERENCE convenors

Brad Bosward

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Helen Kansky

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Jason Dawson

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Sue Walker

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We have created an exclusive online Conference library website for our attendees to access prior to the commencement of the Conference. The online library is provided to you so that you can create your own Conference experience and access information and sessions of interest prior to the commencement of the Conference program.

Library Content Includes:

  • Recorded webinar
  • Self-directed learning activities and
  • Other supporting documents for the face to face presentations

This page will be available to you as an attendee from 4 weeks before we set sail and for 2 weeks post the Conference, should you want to refresh your knowledge.



Can I bring the family?

Because a cruise is such a fabulous holiday experience, your family and friends can join you on your Travel CPD adventure. Whilst you are attending lectures there are heaps of activities to keep them busy including an exceptional kid’s club program.  Simply talk to the Team at Education at Sea, they can organise all your and your travelling companion’s travel arrangements. Call the Team on 02 6674 2577 or send an email to [email protected].

What if I need kid-free time?

If you only want to mix with adults most ships have an adults only area with entry only available to people over the age of 18. Guests will jump for joy upon discovering this private retreat where they can connect with the ocean – and disconnect from everything else. 

Can You give me some tips of Cruising?

We sure can……whether you are a seasoned cruiser or this is your first time onboard a cruise ship out Ultimate Guide to Cruising is sure to have some useful tips and advice to ensure you have a fantastic time on this Travel CPD adventure.

Costs & Inclusions

  • An extensive Conference program based on current best practice
  • Education content that meets the same exacting standards as anything offered in an Australian land-based program
  • Conference Presenters that are recognised experts in their field and are excited to be able to share their skill, knowledge, and passion with Conference Attendees
  • An online Conference library filled to the brim with educational content that allows you to create your own learning experience by completing pre-conference education activities
  • A Registration Reception including complimentary drinks where you can meet other Conference Attendees and network with Conference Convenors and Conference Presenter/s
  • Editable electronic note pages that can be downloaded to your device of choice
  • A Conference satchel that includes a notepad, pen, lanyard (this is important on a cruise ship to attach your room key which becomes your lifeline on a ship) and additional information to support a fantastic Conference experience
  • The opportunity to meet as a group in various Conference open forums, in one of the many fabulous locations on the ship
  • A complimentary Farewell Drinks and Canapes Function held on the last night of the Conference to celebrate new friendships and information gained
  • A Conference Transcript that identifies each session held at the Conference including the session synopsis, session presenter, and CPD allocation
  • A Certificate of Completion identifying the CPD hours attached to the Conference Program for you to include in your CPD Evidence Portfolio
  • A dedicated Conference cruise desk open daily to address any questions and provide information as required

Disclaimer:  The opinions and statements of facts expressed in the Papers in these proceedings are those of the Authors and do not necessarily represent those of the Nurses for Nurses Network (NfNN), the editors, the organising committee or the supporters of this conference. No responsibility can be accepted by the organisers for errors or omissions in the individual papers. Sessions are correct at time of publication. Sessions are subject to change without notice due to circumstances beyond the control of the organisers. NfNN reserves the right to alter charges, cancel, postpone, change or withdraw the product or service at any time. 

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